Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Leave for 9 Days or School....

So, Chelsey and I have been planning to go camping (like week-long camping) for the last month or so. We did our little 2-day trip to see how the dogs would handle it. When I found out that I had been removed from the Unit Armorer Course, I saw that week as the perfect opportunity since the week after that, I would be doing intensive training on my job. So I did the paperwork necessary and turned it in. Chelsey and I began planning out the specifics, like what we would need to bring, what we have and what we would need to buy. So it comes down to DAYS before we are going on the trip and I found out that my leave had been kicked back because I was "Enrolled" in the armorer course. Now mind you that I stressed enrolled. Basically I am going to show up to the class with papers in hand and HOPE that I get into the class. Notice: my entire Platoon Leadership had approved my leave with the same notion that I would NOT be in the class. So for this to happen means that not only did I not know I was in the class, but our company 1SG failed to communicate the information down the channels so that I may know.

What's funny is that if I don't get in the class, I still cannot take leave till at least the end of August due to the training. And my 1SG asked me at the range what I think could help improve moral around the company. If he had asked me that today (or even tomorrow morning), I would tell him to let me take my much needed leave. I worked nearly 100 hours last week while the company did their qualification ranges. On top of that, I have been virtually the only one in the COMPANY to not have taken leave since block leave ended on 10 April of this year. I am basically needing this as a break and a reset so I would have my mind refreshed and ready to go for when we start training since it will have been nearly 10 months since I last did my job.

So, my next plan of action is to utilize my commander's Open Door Policy so that I may approach her about this and stress my case and see if something can be done to allow my leave to happen.

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